Hannah Stephenson said...

So odd that the poem I wrote today (I wrote it before reading your entry) is also about fish...

Rubik's Cube universe!

puppapang said...

I am so surprise to hear that you make this cute everyday

I am Thai and I interested in your activities that you continue for 2 year that really appreciated.

anyway I apprenticing at Fuse Bioscope Magazine and i would like to wrote about you

I am so confuse that and have a question to ask you

- have you ever be an animator for short film, Non-Love-Song; that directed by Erik Gernand?

- and how can i see that's cute animation?

haha i don't know you gonna answer my question but you insprired me to wrote column,


Pang ^^

puppapang said...

can you asnwer me at mai_waaa@hotmail.com ?

sorry to disturb,
have a nice day. ^^