Hannah Stephenson said...

That's pretty fascinating.

I don't know about whether I agree with the statement, but it is provocative, huh? I'm reading Twyla Tharp's book The Creative Habit and she talks about being a person of polarity (not bipolar, just a person who believes everything is black and white, and that there are two kinds of people). I'm not like that...I can think of a million exceptions to every rule and love the grayness and mystery of some things (language, for instance). I also think of that short story (and book) 7 Types of Ambiguity.


Unknown said...

Hey! You got that from me and turned it into art! Nice!!!

Mark Addison Smith said...

Hannah--I'll look at "7 Types of Ambiguity." I completely agree with you: I'm shades of gray smeared with gray. Some people just aren't. This topic is one that really fascinates me.

Jason--Ha! Pretty good to recall your own words!
Every now and then I hear something that is just "golden" and this was one of those instances. Was going to mention it to you the other day when we talked, but didn't want to weird you out. Glad you like.